Anonymous: why?

I think too much

Getting too emotional
Time to sleep


When you know you ate it just right.


2Pac of titties…#latenightart
#wcw #wce I love this girl @palomadelaghetto #lilcubbybutyougottaloveit
Some of my favorite paintings that I’ve made


I won’t take selfies with other people y’all don’t know my angles

(via hate)


im never telling a white boy im egyptian ever again

I’m ready for graduation on Tuesday!

I don’t think that dress would fit me now..too fat
Anonymous: Has big boi responded to your request to send the painting to him?

He gave me a shoutout and followed me on Instagram…but he never said “I’ll get u backstage so u can give it to me..I got you” he just sent me an emoji…


My @outkast painting with better lightning… You gotta let me give it to you @therealbigboi
Anonymous: why aren't you famous and super rich yet ? i mean you are soo damn talented ...well I'm sure one day you will get there

Shit I ask the same thing
It’s about time I start getting this money

Anonymous: your talent is bananas!!! don't know if any one has already asked this but how long have you been drawing and painting?

Thank you very much!!
I’ve been drawing all my life but got more serious about it and started painting like two eyes ago :)

Anonymous: Can I eat and rub your pussy while you paint?

Of course!